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Elegance is Timeless. Love is Eternal.

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When two souls merge into one, magic happens

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The day you have chosen to celebrate your love is one that deserves to be immortalized. It should be about you both and the special things that define you. Everyone else like family, friend and colleagues are there to celebrate you. So do your best to enjoy every moment of it because it’s what you deserve.

Time on your wedding day, you will discover is fleeting. One minute you’ll be waking up, and before you know it, you’ll be riding off into the sunset. So, make sure you have the wedding of your dreams. Laugh as loud as you can; kiss each other often too. When you hug on this day, do it slowly and tightly. Make beautiful memories that can be effectively immortalized by wedding pictures. As your wedding photographers Dublin will be delighted to photograph your day in the most natural way possible.

Wedding photography is a way of connection and expression. The images that have been captured are forever. They remind everyone of a special time, long after you’ve forgotten everything.





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welcome our darlings, we are caroline & seb

As wedding photographers in Dublin and the whole of Ireland, we’ve been helping document beautiful memories since 2012. One thing that has stood out to us is that no two weddings are the same. Every ceremony is a love story with its own emotions, feelings and beauty. It is this uniqueness that drew us both and has kept us connected all these years.

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We love what we do and it shows in our work. We give every client that we work with the best of our talents. But don’t just take our word for it. How about seeing for yourself by looking through some of the amazing moments we’ve captured.

all we need is love

surprises are the best

the day you both say yes

Does our photography style speak to you? Then we would love you to get in touch.

We count ourselves lucky that we still have amazing relationships with our past clients. Some going back to over a decade. People who we carry in our hearts, even as they hold on to the cherished memories our photography has given them.

When your loved ones are gathered around you and it’s time to share a special story, let our pictures be the guide to your memories.



We can’t put a price to your special moments so it’s not about the money for us. It’s about you and how much your event means to us and you.

we love because it's the only true adventure

Two Souls Wedding Photographers

Moments are fleeting but memories last for years. We’ll help you keep your precious memories safe for many lifetimes.

If you love our style and our portfolio speaks to you, then you should reach out. We are here to capture the heartbeat of your amazing celebration. So, make sure you browse through our portfolio. Look through as many pictures as you need. You’ll discover that we document the details at the wedding we attend, in a fresh and unique way that is inspiring. We promise to do the same for you.

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