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Photography has been a part of our lives for a very long time. There’s this need that we have to take photos that matter for the people who need them. It’s an important part of our lives and has caused the need to always search for something deeper to blossom in us. For a long time, we have cultivated that will to take pictures that can instantly put you back in the moment that is displayed. That is what we base our photography on. We want to show the world your story from the eyes of an artist who is committed to making your special moments matter.

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There are many unique places in the world than can serve as a canvass to your special moments. Take Ireland for example, enriched with charming locations and many scenic views, it has been a safe haven to many. Here you can go on an adventure to a stress-free location where you will not feel like you need to audition for anyone.

These are the kind of places that we seek out to capture your unique story. Our passion is to catch your true feelings and let the world see it too.

Our style of photography is simple, you’ll barely know that we’re there. This gives us the chance to capture authentic moments as they happen. So, don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeves as you bare your feelings. It’ll be our greatest reward and we’ll be there for you.

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Seb believes that photography is an extension of himself. He might love family first, but photography is a close second. He is a wedding photographer who believes in capturing emotions and memories in the most authentic way. How does he do this? By creating a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere for couples to be themselves. So, you’ll love his creative spirit and the fact that he loves candid shoots and is quirky. He also has an amazing eye for details which is great for his documentary photography. He prefers a moody style of photos.

Caroline is a love and art lover with a great eye for details too. She is a wedding photographer who prefers an modern , editorial style with a hint of the vogue vibe. In photography, She discovered way of storytelling—a means to make emotions, memories, and stories that often stay hidden, come alive. Her journey through photography is a trip through time, an exploration of human connections and vulnerabilities, and a celebration of the balance between classic elegance and modern charm. Her foremost goal, the cornerstone of her process, is to establish a one-on-one connection with couple. This connection transcends the photographer-client dynamic, making you feel at ease with her as a fellow human being. Wondering how She capture those authentic moments? It's because She've cultivated a genuine relationship with clients, ensuring that the final images are not just beautiful but also imbued with heartfelt vulnerability.

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'' We are so delighted that we chose Caroline & Seb as our wedding photographers. They made us feel really comfortable from the beginning and we hardly even knew they were there on our wedding day. Guest commented on how nice they were too. We absolutely love our wedding photos and we feel they really captured our day and how we remember the day to be. Would definitely recommend! ''

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'' I highly recommend Caroline & Seb from Two Souls Photography. When selecting wedding photographers for me it was just as important how I got along with the photographers as quality of the work. Caroline & Seb were amazing in both aspects. So easy going helping everyone relax and have a good time and also provided us with outstanding photographs that we will cherish forever. We had some rain on our wedding day and you can hardly tell in the photos, Caroline & Seb found every minute of light and used it to they advantage and were very flexible to all our needs. We also had first batch of photos within days!! Which was incredible! Cannot thank them enough ☺️ ''

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