An Intimate Wedding in South of France

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A Small Wedding in South of France

An Intimate Wedding in South of France

An Intimate Wedding in South of France. The South of France is known for luxury and many picturesque views. You’ll find breathtaking resorts, bohemian islands, medieval towns and beautiful restaurants with mouth-watering cuisine. But those are not the only reasons why couples come to the South of France for their wedding. There’s something homely about this place. So, it’s very easy to have a home décor wedding in France. There you can treat your loved ones to a celebration in a home away from home. Just like this couple did. Here are some words chronicling the beauty of this home décor wedding in France.

The Set-Up

Small celebrations can be very intimate and unique. So, I was delighted to capture this small wedding in the South of France. I started the day by documenting the set-up for the celebration. The lovely wedding venue had a homely atmosphere itself, and it was a pleasure capturing the waterside location with rolling fields. Home décor weddings are exceptional events. They show that the couple is thinking not only of themselves but of their guests. At a wedding like this, guests can feel free to be themselves as they relax in a venue that feels cosy and familiar. Using settees, cushions and the big marquee in the back, this couple achieved this effortlessly.

The Wedding

I always go for the unique and beautiful with my wedding photography. So, you can bet that I was delighted to capture the bride opt for lovely white sneakers as her wedding shoe. It added to the relaxed and fun theme of this wedding. She had a happy time. To get ready, she had her makeup done with her ladies and, when done, was walked down the aisle to her groom, who was delighted to see her. It was all hugs and lots of bonding with family members at this celebration.

The Photo shoot

The picturesque fields around this venue is where this couple had their lovely photoshoot after the wedding. They looked amazing as they both wore matching white sneakers. The bride had on a stunning and simple fun white wedding dress while the groom stunned in a mismatched blazer and pants. Capturing beautiful portraits of this couple and also carrying out candid photography produced stunning images. You’ll especially love how the fields and the sun combined to give a nostalgic feel. Soon it was time to head back for the wedding reception.

The Reception

This couple’s wedding reception took place in the same marque tent with their loved ones looking delighted to be there. The décor was bohemian with lots of string lights and wooden details to capture your fancy. They had a lovely first dance then cut their simple but delicious wedding cake. Soon, it was time for the couple to exchange rings and then it was party galore with their loved ones joining them on the dance floor. I also really loved being able to capture the parent-child dances and the fun that the children had. The catering team served some really amazing meals too, and I love the fact that the lighting was really great at this wedding.

How I did at The Small Wedding in the South of France

I loved so many aspects of this wedding. One of them was how very hands-on this couple was with their décor and set up. Watching them and their loved ones set up was so special. I feel it helped to make the wedding even more intimate and romantic. I also enjoyed how relaxed but still luxurious and beautiful the fashion at this wedding for. Most of all, I loved how this couple followed their own rules for this wedding. From the reception ring exchange to the backyard wedding vibe, it all came together to create a celebration I would love to be a part of over and over again.