Ballymagarvey Village Wedding

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It was a beautiful summer’s day when Ashling and Colm decided to tie the knot. As a wedding photographer Dublin, I love being a part of summer weddings. Ballymagarvey Village where the wedding held was quite beautiful too. Here are some words on how this lovely wedding went.

Getting Ready

I arrived at 10:00am in time to capture this lovely couple as they got ready for their Ballymagarvey village wedding. I started by capturing the groom and his family as they got dressed and set for the ceremony. I was also able to capture special details like the iron hip flask drink from the groom to his father.

The groom’s father also received a lovely wooden box of Martell cognac from the bride as a wedding morning gift. There were gifts for the mother of the groom too of course! Next, I got the groom and groomsmen together in a photo while they shared a toast. I also captured the vintage VW getaway bus decorated for the wedding and other lovely wedding morning details.

After the groom, the bride and the bride’s squad were next on my list. I started by documenting the special moments shared as they had their hair and makeup done. I also captured things like the wedding dress, brides’ shoes and earrings.

I didn’t forget to include the bride and her bridal party sharing a toast too. I wrapped up this phase by capturing the Father of the Bride cufflinks and other important wedding details.

The First Look

The first look at this wedding was not between the bride and the groom. Rather, the bride got dressed and shared this special moment with her bridal party. It was really beautiful. She also shared their gifts with them and then I captured some lovely portraits of everyone before we all headed for the church ceremony.

The Church Ceremony

The church ceremony of this Ballymagarvey Village wedding was a beauty to behold. There were lots of special moments that I’m sure guests will remember for a very long time. The signs were unique and catching.

They fitted very well with this couple’s wedding theme. The church architecture was also impressive with arching wooden ceilings and pews. It created the perfect ambiance for this ceremony.

To start the ceremony, the two lovely ring bearers walked down the aisle first. They were closely followed by the bride’s squad and then the bride herself, walked by her dad. Then the couple had a candle lighting ceremony, exchanged vows and rings and had their first kiss. They then walked out to a receiving line of their loved ones and things for snacks and drinks.

The Reception Venue

Ballymagarvey Village is a historical venue dating as far back as 1854 and is known for being a lovely spot for weddings. It can host as much as 200 guests and offers many wedding spaces. It is also quite versatile as a wedding venue as there are spaces for weddings of smaller numbers. I was able to capture some of the delicious finger foods and décor at this Ballymagarvey village wedding.

The gardens make for a lovely spot for the wedding photoshoot. It has exquisite views. So, I had no problem sneaking this couple and their wedding party out there for their wedding photoshoot. The photos that I captured of them all had a lovely fairytale vibe. 

The Wedding Photoshoot

As I mentioned earlier, Ashling and Colm’s wedding photoshoot happened in the gardens and grounds of Ballymagarvey village. I got lovely photos of the bride and groom separately and then together. I also captured the couple with their wedding party and there were many fun moments. After the shoot, we all headed back to continue with cocktail hour and then for the start of the wedding reception.

The Reception

One of the parts of this wedding that I loved the most was the wedding reception. From the impressive décor to the warm inviting light cast by candles, I couldn’t get enough of it. Other equally impressive details were the couple’s guestbook, the table settings and the cake.

The reception started with the wedding party dancing their way in to the delight of the guests. They were followed by the couple to the delight of everyone present. Then it was time for the heartfelt speeches and the vote of thanks by the couple.

Next, the couple cut their lovely three-tiered cake and then I was able to sneak them out again. This was for the special romantic images with the sunsetting. They looked happy that their day had been beautiful.

After this, it was time for the party and dancing where everyone had fun on the dancefloor. As a wedding photographer Dublin, I loved capturing this wedding. I wish Ashling and Colm the very best now and always.

Ballymagarvey Village Wedding

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Ballymagarvey Village Wedding