Brigit’s Garden Wedding

Brigit’s Garden Wedding

Wedding Galway Ronan and Rachel’s Rustic Celebration

Being a Galway Wedding Photographer give me many opportunities to capture beautiful celebrations. This Brigit’s Garden Wedding was one such event. Rachel and Ronan tied the knot surrounded by nature, and everything looked magical.

I love personalised weddings like these. They are an opportunity to get genuinely beautiful images to preserve the special moments. Brigit’s Garden is a fabulous wedding venue too. Here’s a summary of the day and some beautiful pictures from this wedding.

  • The Wedding Venue

Brigit’s Garden is one of the best tranquil wedding venues I’ve captured in my photography journey. This award-winning Celtic garden venue provides many stunning locations for a ceremony. It has a peaceful, natural vibe that will have you and your guests feeling relaxed and at peace. 

For their rustic wedding ceremony, Rachel and Ronan used the Bealtaine Garden. This lovely Garden has standing stones and a ceremonial throne. It’ll give you and your ceremony a very close-to-nature feel. Other places they used for their wedding include the Roundhouse and the garden marquee.

  • Getting Ready

I started my job as a Galway Wedding Photographer at this wedding, capturing the bride getting ready. Rachel looked amazing, getting her hair and makeup done surrounded by loved ones. Her wedding gown was unique, and many lovely rustic details surrounded her. 

Once she was dressed, I took lovely bridal portraits. I also captured pictures of her with her bridesmaids as they were both dressed. Next, I captured photos of the magnificent wedding venue before we headed off to the ceremony.

  • The Wedding Ceremony

One of the highlights of this wedding was having people walk through the magnificent tall stones of Bealtaine Garden. This natural aisle looked amazing in the photos, too, as you’ll see. Once guests were seated, the little flower girl made an escorted entrance with the groom and looked cherubic.

Next, it was the turn of the bridesmaids. They looked really lovely in the polka-dotted dresses. Then it was the bride’s turn, and she did this escorted by her dad. The smile on her face, the face of the groom and her dad was the most beautiful. You could tell that their love is genuine and happy.

The ceremony proper kicked off with the couple’s mothers lighting the candles for their candle lighting ceremony. Then there were readings by friends before the couple said their vows. Next, they exchanged rings, and I loved how they kept hugging each other. It was all so very romantic and beautiful. 

After their ring exchange, this couple had a knot-tying ceremony. The knot represents the bond between them. It’s a lovely ritual that further shows the new relationship between the couple. Next, the couple completed the candle lighting ceremony by lighting the middle candle together.

Finally, the couple signed marriage documents to bring the ceremony to a close. Then they were introduced as a married couple and happily walked back up the aisle. Through it all, I used my candid wedding photography skills to remain undetected but capture the important moments. 

  • Cocktail Hour and Wedding Photoshoot

After their Brigit’s Garden Wedding ceremony, Rachel and Rona walked right into the arms of friends. Everyone was so delighted to say their congratulations. I was able to take some lovely photos before we all headed for cocktail hour.

Rachel and Ronan had their cocktail hour at The Hazel Room in Brigit’s Garden. It was beautifully decorated, and everyone was in high spirits. This was a child-friendly wedding, so the couple said his to the kids too, and I had a lovely time documenting that. I also captured guests having fun.

Next, I snuck the couple away for their wedding day photoshoot. We used the grounds around Brigit Garden, including Bealtaine Garden and the tall stones. The couple looked so very in love in their photos. I especially loved how they were dressed comfortably and looked relaxed the entire time.

  • The Wedding Reception

Rachel and Ronan used the Garden Marquee at Brigit’s Garden for their wedding ceremony. This space overlooks the Garden and had amazing décor too. The couple walked in for the reception to hearty cheers from their guests.

This couple had a fun reception with those closest to them. I had a lovely time documenting it as their Galway Wedding Photographer. I captured special moments like the hearty gig they danced for their first dance. When guests joined in for a party, I was right there documenting too. Congrats on your beautiful wedding, Rachel and Ronan. I wish you both the very best now and always. 

Brigit’s Garden Wedding

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Brigit’s Garden Wedding Galway