Cabra Castle Wedding

Lorraine and Noel’s Wedding Day

Our Cabra Castle Wedding photography is another with a Camogie Superstar, and we loved it. You can check out when we captured Niamh and Cyril wedding at Glasson Lakehouse here. The wedding here was between three-time all-star and 2013 captain Lorraine and her sweetheart Noel. 

Lorraine and Noel tied the knot at The Church of the Immaculate Conception in Kingscourt. They then had a beautiful reception at Cabra Castle. Here’s how we documented the special moments at this wedding. We had such a lovely time too. 

·  The Wedding Venues

As we mentioned above, this gorgeous couple used two excellent wedding venues for their Christmas wedding. The first was The Church of the Immaculate Conception, where we had a lovely time capturing their ceremony and vows. It looked very festive, and the atmosphere was magical.

This couple then moved to Cabra Castle for a fun wedding reception party with their loved ones. This is also where we captured their lovely wedding day portraits. Here is a bit of the role both wedding venues played in this stunning celebration.

The Church of the Immaculate Conception Kingscourt

The Church of Immaculate Conception is a beautiful Irish Catholic church with a rich history. The initial church building was done in 1812, and its apse is used as the entrance today. The current building was opened in 1872.

The Church of the Immaculate Conception is a beauty to behold. It has breath-taking stained-glass windows and a gorgeous neo-gothic style we loved photographing. The décor featured a Christmas tree and looked terrific. Couples wishing to marry can check their requirements here.

Cabra Castle

Cabra Castle is one of Ireland’s most luxurious and gorgeous castle hotels. Located at the edge of the Dún a Rí Forest Park, this venue exudes elegance, happiness and magical splendour. It’s the perfect space for a fairy tale wedding.

This castle dates back to 1760 and can be easily accessed from Dublin and Belfast. It hosts only one wedding per day with a capacity for up to 290 guests. You’ll love their attention to detail, breath-taking views and delightful staff. We enjoyed capturing Lorraine and Noel’s Cabra Castle wedding here. 

·  Getting Ready

We started the day capturing Lorraine as she and her loved ones got ready. During moments like these, we love to document other important wedding details alongside. We’re talking about the wedding dress, the wedding ring, the bridesmaid dresses, the bouquet and the bride’s shoes.

Having pictures of these are an essential part of the couple’s after-wedding memories. We particularly enjoyed documenting the look on the faces of Lorraine’s Bridesmaids. They very much loved the wedding day gift from the bride.

Soon enough, Lorraine was ready for her dress and had her loved ones help her fasten the buttons. It was so emotional and beautiful. We enjoyed capturing lovely photos of it. We also took some gorgeous indoor bridal portraits when she was ready.

Noel looked equally delighted to get ready with his loved ones for this celebration. He and his groomsmen looked fabulous in tweed suits as they posed for a portrait. We also took pictures of the wedding day perfume, groom’s shoe, wristwatch and belt. He had a lovely chain compass too.

·  The Ceremony

We love the colours from Lorraine and Noel’s gorgeous ceremony at the Church of The Immaculate Conception. Everyone looked fabulous as they waited for the bride and her entourage to start the wedding march. The kid members of the wedding party took the walk first.

They were followed by the bride’s mother, her bridesmaids and then Lorraine herself escorted by her father. Noel looked so happy to see her. It was such a lovely moment, and we’re glad we documented it.

The ceremony then began in earnest and included the unveiling of the bride and a candle lighting ceremony. Guests and others handled the readings at this ceremony. The couple then shared a first kiss and signed the registry flanked by their wedding party before walking back up the aisle.  

At the entrance was a receiving line with hurlers to celebrate the couple. They then had a lovely meet and greet before heading to their cocktail hour. 

·  Cocktail Hour and Wedding Day Photoshoot

Cocktail Hour for this couple happened at Cabra Castle. The couple and guest were heralded in by a Scottish piper. It was so very traditional and lovely. The couple then shared drinks with their loved ones, and we had a lovely time taking pictures of everyone.

We used our indoor photography skills for this couple’s wedding day pictures. When you marry at a gorgeous location like Cabra Castle, it goes without question that you’ll get the best. This couple and their loved ones looked fantastic in the pictures.

We started by taking pictures of the bride and groom. You could see how very much in love they are with each other. Then we took personals of both the bride and the groom. Next, it was time for the bride with her bridesmaids and the groom and groomsmen. Then everyone together.

·  The Reception

Lorraine and Noel had a lovely wedding reception at Cabra Castle. The atmosphere was elegant and beautiful. We could even capture pictures of their majestic wedding cake decorated with Pampas grass.   

Once the guests were seated, we had a lovely time taking pictures of everyone. The party, however, started in earnest when the couple walked in, again heralded by the Scottish Piper. Then it was time for the toasts, beautiful speeches and laughter.

Next, the couple cut their wedding cake and then we had the family portraits. We also sneaked the couple away for more beautiful indoor pictures before going outside. There we captured lovely photos with Christmas décor in the background. Cabra Castle is gorgeous at night.

Then it was time for Lorraine and Noel’s first dance, which was so romantic. The wedding party joined in, and then it was dance galore for everyone. The wedding band at this wedding was excellent, and everyone had a great time partying.

·  Final Words

We had a lovely time capturing Lorraine and Noel at their Cabra Castle Wedding. Despite the weather, the celebration was fun, and everyone had a great time. Thanks for letting us be a part of your special milestone Lorraine and Noel. We wish you both the very best now and always. 

Cabra Castle Wedding

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