Carton House Wedding

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Carton House Wedding

The couple in this Carton House wedding came all the way to Ireland to have their wedding. I felt really honored that they chose me to be their photographer. The day started with brilliant weather and everywhere looked cool and bright. I started the day by capturing images of wedding details like the rings, the bride’s shoe, and this couple’s pre-wedding diary. I then captured the couple and other parts of their day. Here is how that went.

Almost there!

The bride looked flawless in her makeup. Her makeup artist is really talented and did an outstanding job. As the bride got ready, I moved to the groom’s room as he also got ready. All the items this couple used for their Carton House wedding were quite expensive and of exceptional quality. They looked amazing.

The groom’s friends helped him look amazing as he prepared for his wedding. I was able to capture this and also the lovely wedding present which he got. It was a pretty expensive watch, which he put on with a smile on his face. I also took personal pictures of the groom and his groomsmen looking classy. The rooms of Carlton House added a lovely vintage touch to these images and the rest that I took of these moments.


I went back to check on the bride and her bridesmaids as they got ready. They looked amazing and were almost done, so I was able to capture them looking happy. The bride received a Carton House wedding morning gift from the groom too. Hers was a box of Givenchy earrings that looked gorgeous. Everyone was so excited. Then she put on her lovely lace wedding dress and we were all blown away. Her ladies helped her put it on, and the teamwork paid off. I also captured her and her bridesmaids as she wore her veil.

I do!

The couple finished their preparation and got in different vehicles to get to the church for their ceremony. The church was huge and beautiful that I had to capture it from various angles. The bride looked lovely as she walked down the aisle and everyone looked impressed, especially the groom. It was obvious her beauty captivated him. Soon, this couple said their vows and became officially married. I captured great shots of them with the lovely church background before they came down from the altar. They then walked out to a receiving line of their lovely family and friends, waiting to cheer them as they got into their vintage car.

Photo Session

Before heading for the reception of their Carton House wedding, this couple had their photo session at a gorgeous garden. The beautiful flowers, and well-maintained grounds, were just perfect for this moment. The pictures came out looking amazing, as you’ll see. Then next we moved to a beautiful small lake where I captured more lovely pictures. 

Final Moments

This couple arrived at their reception in their vintage car with everyone waving to welcome them. It looked really royal and beautiful. Then they all moved into their reception to get things started. Their friends and loved ones gave emotional speeches about the couple, and it impressed everyone. It was also one of the most emotional moments at this wedding. There was also a lot to eat and drink as people danced to the splendid music at this Carton House wedding. The couple then spent some time meeting with the close relations and friends to thank them personally for coming. I captured every part of these moments because they all deserve to be remembered. It was a happy and fun experience for everyone who attended, including me. 

Venue: Carton House

Wedding Planner: The Event Design Company

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