Elopement Wedding in Antrim

Wedding Photographer Northern Ireland

I love being a wedding photographer Northern Ireland. It gives me the opportunity to capture many different kinds of weddings and share many love stories. Amongst all of these, elopement weddings are my favorite.

So, when I had a chance to document this elopement wedding in Antrim, I couldn’t be more pleased. There is nothing quite like getting a chance to go on an adventure in the mountains. They often happen when the weather is just right too.

I enjoy the bright and sunny days in Northern Ireland and a chance to document a couple in love. With this couple, I had a lovely chance to choose great locations for their shoot. This enabled me to get as many pictures of them as possible.

Here are a few words on how this day went and how they had the perfect elopement wedding in Antrim. 

The Perfect Spot to Make Memories

Beauty is one of the things I look out for when choosing a shoot location as a Wedding Photographer Northern Ireland. So, you’ll love the old stone structure we used for the first shoot. It showcases the strength and beauty of nature.

This is one of the lovely attributes I noticed when I first met this couple. Pictures of the bride at this location gave the perfect “Princess within the stone walls” vibe.

The caves were next in line and looked equally as amazing too. It had the right amount of sunlight streaming in. One of the things I am crazy about is natural lighting and these two venues had it in abundance.

Next was the spot between the trees with the sun filtering through the leaves. It created the perfect fairytale atmosphere and I got really lovely shots. 

The Bride

Looking angelic in her white dress and beautiful lace sleeves, our Antrim elopement bride stunned. Her hair and makeup were perfect for the photoshoot and the location itself complemented her. As a wedding photographer Northern Ireland, I understand how important details are for wedding photos. So, I paid proper attention to the bride capturing the lovely neckline of her dress, red lipstick and flower crown.

One detail that stood out was the bride’s lovely white boot. It was quite a deviation from the ordinary. I love it when couples add unique details like these that help to personalize their special day even more. I am glad I was able to capture every special moment. 

The Groom

This elopement wedding in Antrim groom did not disappoint either. Looking great in a black suit and tie, you could read the love in his eyes. His dressing and boots also complemented his gorgeous bride and he looked ready to spend the rest of his life with her.

I love the unique inner details of this groom’s suit jacket. This design also featured in his breast pocket. He looked the happiest when hand in hand with his bride. 

How I did At This Photoshoot

As I said earlier, nature and the sun were on my side for this Elopement wedding in Antrim. I had loads of beautiful natural lighting to grace every image of this couple. It made every image captured look magical.

I especially love that this couple was relaxed behind the camera. Not every couple knows how to be happy and show their emotions in front of the camera. It was not so for these love birds. Most of the poses were chosen by them and this helped for things to look more natural. They were so in sync that what I had to do was find the perfect angle to take the shot.

As a wedding photographer Northern Ireland, you have to make sure the angles you choose add more meaning to the couple’s story. I also did my best not to allow the views overshadow the couple. When you look at these pictures, I don’t want you forgetting the couple while being mesmerized by the scenery. You have to fall in love with both!

I had an amazing time showcasing the cliffs at Antrim and this lovely couple too. In fact, I’d term this one of my best sessions. From the happiness in the couple to the lovely scenery, everything came together nicely. I wish them both the best.

Elopement Wedding in Antrim