Glasson Lakehouse Wedding

Niamh and Cyril’s Westmeath Wedding Photography

What do you get when you mix a Camogie star, a former county hurler, a Fiat Jolly and a fabulous wedding? Galway’s greatest match, of course! Niamh and Cyril’s Glasson Lakehouse wedding was a wonderful celebration. 

This celebration had lots of memorable moments too. From the cherubic kids who were part of the wedding party to their pet dog joining the portraits, everyone had a fabulous time. Here’s a recap of when we handled Niamh and Cyril’s Westmeath wedding photography.

  • The Wedding Venue

Glasson Lakehouse  is the breath-taking wedding venue in Westmeath, which played host to Niamh and Cyril’s celebration. You’ll love the panoramic views of the golf course, the sweeping avenue and the mesmerising indoor spaces at this venue. It also has views of the tranquil inner lakes of Lough Ree.

Glasson Lakehouse is one of the top wedding venues of choice in the midlands, and we can see why. You’ll see the same from the wonderful pictures of this couple’s Westmeath wedding photography. This venue can host weddings of up to 300 people and has fabulous wedding packages.

  • Getting Ready

We started this wedding day capturing this couple as they got ready with their loved ones. We also captured important details like the wedding rings, gorgeous signage and lovely photos. These photos are part of what personalised this couple’s celebration making it that much more special. There was also a memorial added which was so lovely.

Cyril looked fantastic and bespoke as he got ready with his family. His black suit, bow tie and wristwatch matched. There was a lovely moment when he and his dad helped each other get ready. Moments like these are what make weddings really special.

We also loved capturing pictures of Cyril and his groomsmen. The neighbour celebrated this wedding in a special way too, and everyone looked excited. We even got a lovely photo of their retriever with a bouquet! 

Next up was Niamh and her ladies as they got ready and had their makeup done. This is where we captured details like the bride’s shoes, her wedding dress and the bouquet. Everyone was excited for the day. 

After she was dressed, we captured Niamh as she shared a toast with her parents. We also took pictures of her and her bridesmaids. After this, everyone headed to the ceremony in lovely Audi’s. There was a guard of honour by delighted loved ones holding hurleys on the way. 

  • The Ceremony

Niamh and Cyril had their wedding ceremony at the beautiful St Michael’s Church Gurteen. The ceremony started with a young harpist playing the wedding march. The children and the bridesmaids walked in first to start the procession, and then Niamh followed escorted by her dad. Cyril was already waiting at the altar.

The couple started the ceremony with a candle lighting, and then the priest handled the exhortations. Some of their loved ones did the Readings, and then it was time for them to say their vows and exchange rings. They then completed the candle lighting ceremony.

Next, Niamh and Cyril signed their wedding certificate with witnesses. We then took lovely photos of them with their wedding party in the church. Then they walked out to a receiving line with hurleys and excited loved ones. It was all so wonderful. 

  • Cocktail Hour || Wedding Day Photoshoot

Cocktail Hour for this couple and their guests started immediately after the ceremony. There was a truck waiting to serve everyone drinks and treats. We also had a lovely time taking family and group portraits outside St Michael’s Church Gurteen. Its stone walls and the stunning greenery and white rose décor for this wedding created a fabulous backdrop. 

After taking pictures of the family with guests, we took some of the bonfire celebration. We also captured members of the wedding party with their loved ones. Then we headed to the sweeping roads of Glasson Lakehouse for the first set of couple wedding day portraits.

This couple is gorgeous, so you’ll enjoy the lovely photos from their Westmeath wedding photography. The wedding party was also a part of the wedding pictures here, and so was their beautiful retriever. 

You’ll especially love the photos with the tranquil inner lakes of Lough Ree in the background. The golf course played a fantastic role as a backdrop in these pictures too. Everyone had lots of fun as we captured.

The next set of pictures are still on the grounds of Glasson Lakehouse, but this time closer to the reception venue. This is where we used the lovely Fiat Jolly as a prop. Here the couple posed and shared a toast with loved ones. Everyone was in high spirits. We also had them walk out to the pier for more lovely pictures, where we used our natural photography.

  • The Wedding Reception

Niamh and Cyril had their wedding reception at the ballroom in Glasson Lakehouse. This was another lovely opportunity for us to showcase the beauty of their Westmeath wedding photography. Guests looked fantastic as they waited for the couple to join them.

The reception started with members of the wedding party coming in. Then Cyril lifted Niamh in over the threshold with guests excited and clapping. Then they settled down, and it was time for the fantastic wedding speeches. Cyril gave a thank you speech on behalf of the couple. 

Next, it was time for the couple to cut their beautiful rustic themed wedding cake. This couple also decorated the cake table with pictures of previous cake cutting from the family. What a lovely way to personalise not only their décor but the cake cutting moment! 

Next, we sneaked the couple out for some late-night couple photos before they came back for the first dance. It was a very romantic moment with a live band playing. Then members of their wedding party joined them on the dance floor. Then it was party galore as the rest of the guests joined in to have a great time.

Glasson Lakehouse Wedding

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Glasson Lakehouse Wedding