Kilshane House Wedding

Kilshane House Wedding

If it is a Kilshane House wedding, half the work is done as I don’t have put in an effort on getting a good background, as the venue is beautiful.  The stately 19th century mansion is situated in the heart of County Tipperary, Ireland. The fabulous gardens, tastefully decorated rooms, majestic greenhouse and stunning lake make it the ideal wedding venue. I recently had the pleasure of photographing Maeve and Will’s wedding here.

Getting ready

As you can see, I started by focusing on the fine-looking accessories – be it the delicate ring, gorgeous beaded headband, or stylish shoes – everything has been picked out with proper attention to detail. Thankfully, the bride has amazing taste!

The bridesmaids and groomsmen were all on board in helping Maeve and Will get ready. They had a blast as I asked them to let go and shot quite a few candids. The men enjoyed a wee nip in their hip flasks and puffed on cigars, while striking goofy poses outdoors. The women were slightly laid back as they posed demurely with their drinks.

Maeve has high cheekbones so I captured some shots of the makeup artist expertly highlighting those features. I must say she looks absolutely striking with the strappy white gown and plunging back! A few more pictures with her bridal bouquet and she was ready to begin the journey to a new chapter in her life.

One of my favorite clicks is the one where descends the stairs with her father. The bridesmaids looked equally fantastic with their navy one-shoulder gowns, while the groomsmen looked dapper and smart in their tuxes.

The ceremony…

Now it was time for the ceremony to begin. Will and Maeve had eyes only for each other – they way they looked at each other were a lovely moment to capture. Their expressions of love and sheer delight were hard to miss as they said their vows and promise to be together for eternity! Their loved ones cheered them on as they were declared man and wife.

As a Tipperary wedding photographer, my favorite part is when newlyweds pose together after the ceremony. Those shy smiles, cute hand-holding, little kisses, and passionate glances are priceless and I love to capture these moments. These photos create memories that they will fondly look back upon in the years to come.

The Kilshane House is an awesome venue as there are numerous places to take pictures – it could be near the lake, in the garden or by the fountain. Every shot comes out wonderful! A few more clicks with the wedding party including groomsmen and bridesmaids, and it was time for the reception to begin. The color contrast looked fascinating – the remarkable blue hues contrasted against pristine white worn by the bride.

The reception…

Will and Maeve chose simple and classy décor for the reception. The tables were decked in all white, while polished silver gleamed from them – it was extremely sophisticated. Soon the hall full of beaming smiles, playful banter and happy chatter – I tried to sneak in some more candids, as they reflect natural expressions.

Time for the toast! You can tell from their smiles that the Best Man and Maid of Honor didn’t embarrass them too much with awkward anecdotes! The couple hit the dance floor after the toast, and it was such a thrill capturing their “first dance”. They looked completely in love, and there were loud cheers when Will lifted his bride in his arms. There were some wild dance moves from the guests too – everyone shook a leg to the tunes belted out by the band.

After a while, the couple walked out hand in hand towards the garden, while their friends and family lit fireworks in their honor. Their smiles were truly infectious! The fireworks display was the perfect ending to a lovely ceremony. The brilliant fireworks display provided a superb background, where I could accentuate the magnificent colors and hues, while ensuring the newlyweds’ warm embrace is captured too, as they gaze at the sky in wonder!

As a Tipperary wedding photographer, I have quite a bit of experience in a variety of venues and themes. To know more, simply drop off an email or give me a call!

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Kilshane House Wedding