The pictures that a photographer will take over a lifetime when added together, may only amount to a few hours. But like a tear drop in an ocean, there’s something to be said for being able to preserve a tiny moment in a person’s life that is part of the big whole of who they are.

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If we asked you what getting your portraits taken meant to you, what would you respond? What does portrait photography really mean and does every picture of you qualify as a portrait? The answer is no. As much as most people like to call every picture that features a person a portrait, we don’t think so at all. We believe that there is something more to be considered before you can call a picture a portrait.

So, what does portrait photography mean to us? At its simplest, it’s a picture that turns up your curiosity. It makes you take a pause and think a bit about the subject. If you suddenly want to know more about the person who is the subject then a portrait has effectively done its job. It is a picture taken with the consent of the subject that is completely about the subject.Portrait photography is an exhibition of your charisma. It shows your personality using poses and backgrounds. We can guarantee you that the time we spend with you for your portraits will be used effectively to get the best out of you.

So be ready to open your heart and show us all that is precious and beautiful in it. There are many portraits out there of many people. Your portraits will however be completely about you and who you are.So why have your portraits taken? To keep a record of you in that moment. For a very long time, only the wealthy and powerful had their portraits captured. That is how they were preserved, that’s how we know what they look like. This kind of timelessness can only be captured by a photographer who knows what they’re doing. One who is able to capture and display the human element while getting a portrait of the person. Your portrait photographer is the go between for you and the final result of your portrait pictures. We promise you that we do not take that role lightly.

With portrait photography you’ll also have something to pass on. An heirloom is a priceless piece of art, and your portraits are your heirlooms. They keep a moment in your life preserved in time for forever. They’ll bring joy to your loved ones long after you are no more. If you look around you, you’ll see portraits of many years ago still displayed and talked about by loved ones now.So, what should you wear to a special moment like this? We can’t pick for you, but something you’re comfortable in would do very nicely. Keeping it simple would mean that the portrait stays about you too, so adopt that. Wearing things that you already own could be just what you need here. So, what outfit do you have that makes you feel the most confident? That’s the one we’re talking about. Bring that one.If you’re be travelling a distance for your portraits, please don’t wear the clothes you want to be photographed in. In fact, we advise that you come in with them washed ironed and on a hangar.

Also, please bring more than one option. We could get started on your pictures and discover that a particular set of clothes you’ve come with, which you aren’t wearing, will give you exactly what we need. Coming with multiple options mean that you won’t be limited.If we’re having something outdoors, dress for the location. Where you need to layer up, please do so, it’ll add to the perfection of your shoot. For a visit to a unique location that might require a hike, incorporating boots to your dressing could be just the touch needed to make it perfect. So, as you can see, we take your portrait pictures very seriously. We’ll do our best to make sure they meet the criteria required. All you have to do is open up your heart and let us capture the real you. We’ll do our very best.