Rathsallagh House Wedding

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As a Wicklow wedding photographer, I love laid back and relaxed weddings. Boisterous can be fun, too, no doubt, but I love the intimacy at casual celebrations. It was this vibe that Alana and Rory achieved at their Rathsallagh House wedding.

It’s the reason why their celebration holds a special place in my heart too. They personalised their celebrations and had many unique moments. Here are a few words on how this gorgeous winter wedding went. 

  • Getting Ready

I started the day capturing Alana and Rory as they got ready for their wedding at Rathsallagh House. This award wedding venue played a wonderful backdrop to this couple’s getting ready pictures.

Alana and her bridesmaids were the first subjects of the wedding pictures and looked terrific. They had a stress-free and great time as they got dressed and shared a toast. The atmosphere was casual, fun and peaceful.

Alana looked beautiful when she put on her wedding dress from Dublin Bridal House. Once she was ready, I captured her and her bridesmaids in their shimmering dresses in a fun moment. They even played a bit with a football, how many weddings have you seen that at? Next was the first look.

  • The First Look

First looks are special emotional moments. Alana and Rory had a great time at theirs. The look on Rory’s face when he saw his bride for the first time was priceless. I also love first looks because they allow me to capture some great wedding portraits.

Everyone still looks fresh, and the lighting is fabulous, which is the dream of every Wicklow wedding photographer. Taking pictures at this point also means that the couple has more time to spend with their loved ones later. After the first look, it was time for this couple’s wedding ceremony.

  • The Ceremony

There were many beautiful moments at Alana and Rory’s wedding ceremony. I loved the hand binding and the solemn atmosphere. I also loved capturing how beautiful it was. The décor was elegant with the use of greenery. It added to the beautiful and relaxed feel of their wedding.

The ceremony started with a procession by the wedding party. The first to step in was the flower girl and the little ring bearer. Then the bridesmaids walked in before Alana came in. Alana and Rory’s wedding ceremony has many special elements, including even a hand binding.

The atmosphere at their wedding was solemn and beautiful. I was also able to capture the special moments, their wedding party and their loved ones. I am so glad I got to be a part of this special and unique ceremony.

  • The Unique Parts of The Rathsallagh House Wedding

As a Wicklow wedding photographer, I love unique weddings. Personalising your wedding can take time and effort, but the results are often very worth it. You and your guests get to celebrate in a more authentic and fun way. Here are some of the unique details I enjoyed about this wedding.

The Unique Bouquet

Alana used a wedding bouquet made mostly of succulents, and it looked amazing. It went perfectly with the relaxed and rustic atmosphere.

The Hand Binding Ceremony

Dating back to the time of the ancient Celtics, the hand binding is a unique and beautiful ceremony. For Alana and Rory, their wedding Celebrant tied together their hands to symbolise their devotion and joining together. They then had a little meet and greet outside with loved ones before their photoshoot. 

  • The Photoshoot

I loved how much fun we had at Alana and Rory’s wedding day photoshoot. They are a great couple, and the members of their wedding party are fun too. For the photoshoot, we made use of smoke bombs, their puppy and lots of laughter. The pictures were very excellent too. It is moments like these that make being a Wicklow wedding photographer very worth it.

  • Rathsallagh House Wedding Reception

Alana and Rory had an excellent and fun wedding reception at Rathsallagh House. Every moment from the entrance to the first dance was beautiful and memorable. Guests enjoyed the fun and relaxed atmosphere. This venue is also really gorgeous at night.

The lighting is fantastic, and I just couldn’t resist taking the couple out for more pictures. They looked like they were in a fairy tale. I also had a lovely time capturing the couple and their loved ones having fun on the dancefloor.

  • How I Did as Alana and Rory’s Wicklow Wedding Photographer

I had a great time at this wedding. It was casual, relaxed, fun and personalised. I enjoyed documenting the special moments in a candid and non-intrusive way. I especially loved this couple’s wedding venue. Rathsallagh House is a fantastic venue and was quite peaceful. The views here are also stunning. Alana and Rory’s love for each other is also charming, and I am grateful I got a chance to document it. I wish them both the very best now and always.

Rathsallagh House Wedding

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Rathsallagh House Wedding