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When Love is Real, It Finds a Way

It is imperative that nothing interrupts your special moments on your wedding day. Therefore, we work in a non-abrasive way. We document on the side lines and wait for special moments to happen. Being the professionals that we are means that we do not stress our couples. Rather, we help them to enjoy their day with their friends and family, just the way they planned to. This approach allows us to seize every unique instance during your wedding day.

“Real Weddings” technique means that you will enjoy a set of wedding pictures that reflect the grandness and uniqueness of your special day. Let us give you a little idea of how top irish wedding photographers like us work. Your wedding day should go uninterrupted while every moment is captured on camera. You won’t even feel our presence.

While you are looking into the eyes of your spouse, saying your vows, dancing with your loved ones or even getting ready to throw the bouquet, our keen eyes capture it all and of course, our cameras click at every moment. And when it is all over, you can only smile when you see the results. No, it is not magic; it is what top wedding photographers do. It’s the same with our lifestyle photography.

We’ll capture portraits of you and those that matter to you at events and milestones that are worth preserving, and preserve them we will. Our engagement, maternity, and new born photography are also pretty much the same. Just that this time, there’ll probably be no event. Just you, us and your loved ones.

So, for this kind of photography, we create an enabling atmosphere. We make you all feel at ease so that you can be yourselves. And while you’re wrapped up in each other, we click away. Capturing every shy smile, every laugh that comes deep from the belly and the love that you all share.

You can’t do this with posed imagery. No, the kind of moments we capture and leave you with, can only be gotten in an authentic and genuine environment. So that is what we strive for. Portrait photography is a different ball game all together. This time, it’ll be just you and us. So, here’s a tip. Choose an environment that resonates with you.

A location that brings out your innermost self. A place where though alone, you heart feels like it is at home. Tell us where it is and we’ll be there to capture you. You see it is one thing to take a picture of a person. To capture a portrait of who they are like we said before, is a whole different ball game. So, as you can see, we take every aspect of what we do seriously. It is after all, one of the best jobs in the world.

What we do is not magic. It just what people who are passionate about their jobs do. Let us give you a practical demonstration when you reach out to us.


Real Wedding Stories