Shelbourne Hotel Wedding

Shelbourne Hotel Wedding

Aoife and Andy’s Wedding Day

I love unique and personalised weddings. So, when Aoife and Andy contacted me for their Shelbourne Hotel wedding, I was delighted. Their itinerary showed that they would be personalising their celebration all the way. This is one of the things I love about being a wedding photographer Dublin.

Personalising your celebration is one of the ways that you can have a memorable wedding. Here are some of the ways that Aoife and Andy personalised their Shelbourne Hotel Wedding.

·  Getting Ready

Apart from getting ready with their other loved ones, this couple came together at one point. They wanted to make sure that their grandma felt loved and catered to. Andy took the time to get his hair pampered too.

After this, the couple then got ready separately with their loved ones. Andy put on a black suit while Aoife put on a lovely short wedding dress. They both looked unique and prepared to take on and make the day theirs. I was in strong support and loved every moment as their Dublin wedding photographer

·  The First Look

I love it when my wedding couples have a first look. It is always such an emotional and beautiful moment. It was the exact same for Aoife and Andy. The look on Andy’s face when he saw his bride was so lovely. I had a great time taking indoor couple portraits at this point. The looks were so iconic.

Next, the couple stepped out for portraits with their loved ones. I love capturing images like these as a Wedding photographer Dublin. At this point, everyone is looking fresh and excited for the day. The pictures always come out looking amazing, just like they did for this couple.

·  The Walks

You’ll love the many iconic images I captured of Aoife and Andy on their walks. First, we headed to the water to take some more couple portraits. The wind, the weather and everything else was on our side, and we got such lovely pictures too. I enjoyed using my natural wedding photography skills at this point.

After this, we walked back, and I took more pictures of the couple hand in hand. They even met some friends who joined impromptu in the wedding day photoshoot. Special surprises like these are the kind that I love. They help to make the wedding more memorable.

·  Dublin Wedding Ceremony

Aoife and Andy had a beautiful ceremony at their Shelbourne Hotel . Aoife was walked down the aisle by her dad, and then the ceremony started in earnest. Here the couple exchanged vows and rings before kissing. They then signed their wedding certificate with witnesses, and then the couple walked back up the aisle at the end of the ceremony.

·  Dublin Wedding Reception

After the wedding ceremony, Aoife and Andy had their wedding reception which I also captured as their Dublin Wedding Photographer. It was very personalised, with unique speeches, laughter and many toasts. Everyone had a great time. I enjoyed capturing the couple and their guests as they shared this special moment with their loved ones.

·  Final Words

I love personalised and unique weddings like that of Aoife and Andy. I am glad that they gave me a chance to be their Wedding Photographer Dublin. The day was memorable, and you can see how happy the couple and guests were.

You can only have these kinds of emotions from a wedding you enjoy. I loved being able to capture it all. Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day, Aoife and Andy. I wish you both the very best now and always.

Shelbourne Hotel Wedding

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Shelbourne Hotel Wedding