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We believe that photography is an investment in your future

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2023 / 2024

Wedding Photography Prices

You can never really put a price on art. And great photography is a special kind of art for special moments in your life. With our wedding photography, the main goal is to let you enjoy your events while we capture them in the most subtle way. You won’t even know we’re there most of the time!

We believe that this is the only way we can capture those details that mean the most. A smile across the room to a loved one. A hug between family that hasn’t seen each other in a while. Your windswept hair, a drop of tear soon whisked away. These emotions are so important. They are parts of the very fabric of human existence! Capturing these authentic moments is what makes our photography exceptional. We believe that your photography should not steal you away from your celebration. It should add value to it.

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Full Day Coverage, Second Photographer, Wedding Album, Exclusive Glass Gold Box + USB & Prints, Online Gallery with 900+ images

Full Day Coverage, One Photographer,

Online Gallery with

700+ images

Half Day Coverage, One Photographer, Online Gallery with 500+ images

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Wedding Photography

Addressing What Has Brought You’re here

You’re here, reading these words right now, because you felt something click. You looked at our work, read the words we have to say and have decided you want to go further. So, you’d like to know what the cost of our services are.

Well, we can’t just give you a figure without getting to know you first. Every client we work with is unique and so are their requirements, events and celebrations. You deserve so much more than to receive a general figure that might not even apply to you. So how about we fix that?

If you reach out to us, we can discuss your plans and how we fit into them. We can also talk about what your expectations are and how best to meet them. Only then will we allow ourselves give you a quote to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want.

Wedding Photography Prices

Two Souls Wedding Photographers

We believe that photography is an investment in your future. When time has passed and memories of those special moments begin to fade, pictures will be there to bring them back. So it cannot be quantified by a numerical value.

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