Winter Wedding at Rathsallagh House

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The day was cold and beautiful when Jonathon and Louise had their winter wedding at Rathsallagh House. The wedding started from home before they headed to the church and the reception. As an Ireland wedding photographer, I love weddings like these.

They give me a chance to showcase the lovely Irish culture in my photography. This home had all the gorgeous chinaware, a cuckoo clock and other significant details that I loved. This wedding was beautiful and portrayed many excellent values too. Here is a short recap of how the lovely day went.

Getting Ready 

I started the day by capturing the groom getting ready with other lovely wedding details around him. From the suit hung on the chandelier to the drink with his groomsmen, it was a fun time. Everyone looked excited and happy as they relieved old and fun memories.

The groom had on a crisp white shirt, half jacket, cufflinks, other accessories, and his suit jacket for this wedding. He looked dapper and ready to get married to his bride. Further details I captured were the wonderful personalized hipflasks for the groomsmen and his dad. I also captured the personalized wooden bottle opener gifts for the groomsmen. Then it was time to head over to the bride.

Louise and her ladies looked fantastic as they had their hair and makeup done while getting ready. I was able to capture the wedding dress, her tiara and other lovely accessories as they all got ready. I especially loved how supportive her bridesmaids were as they helped her get ready. I didn’t miss the beautiful wedding morning love letter from Jonathon too. How romantic!

Soon it was time for Louise to get into her dress aided by her bridesmaids. She looked fantastic, and her lovely smile showed all that she loved the dress. I also love how her “Something” blue detail was her delightful ballet bridal flats. It synchronized perfectly with the winter wedding concept.

As an Ireland wedding photographer, I love when couples are this creative with their wedding details. I also really loved that Louise and her bridesmaids incorporated furs into their wedding fashion as a nod to the winter season. They looked very classy and chic.

The Ceremony

I loved how scenic and beautiful the church where this couple had their wedding was. The groom and his groomsmen waited at the altar as the procession was about to start. They looked wonderful. To start the march, the bridesmaids first walked down the aisle before the bride followed escorted by her mother. She looked fabulous. Then the ceremony began in full.

The vows were said, they exchanged rings, and then they had their first kiss as a married couple. After that, they had a unity candle lighting ceremony which is a lovely representation of the new relationship between the couple.

I had a great time documenting all of these moments. The happy tears, special smiles and romantic moments all came together to make a charming ceremony. The couple were then pronounced married and walked out to cheers by their loved ones.  

The Cocktail Hour and Wedding Day Photo shoot

After the ceremony, the couple walked out to a confetti toss and delighted guests. They then drove off to the cocktail hour, where they shared a few drinks with loved ones before I whisked them off for their wedding day photoshoot.

As an Ireland Wedding Photographer, I love these moments as it gives me a chance to showcase the couple themselves. I had a great time as this couple are very photogenic. I also loved capturing the members of their wedding party too.

Then, it was back to the cocktail hour, where I took some more pictures of wedding details and the wedding guests.

The Reception

Rathsallagh House was the fantastic host of this couple’s wedding reception, and it played a lovely role. I had a great time capturing the pleasant atmosphere here. The toasts were emotional, and so were the speeches. Everyone had a lovely time.

The venue was also so beautifully lit that I snuck the couple away for some fantastic nighttime pictures. They were stunning. I also had a great time capturing this couple during their cake cutting and their first dance. Soon everyone joined in and had a fantastic party. I loved being a part of this Rathsallagh House wedding as an Ireland wedding photographer.

Winter Wedding at Rathsallagh House

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Winter Wedding at Rathsallagh House