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One of secrets to wedding photography is to shoot the amazing moments that are happening in front of you, not what you think the wedding should look like.

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Your Wedding Stories ! One of the special things about wedding photography is the emotions, and moments that it captures. You’ve spent many hours planning this day and finally, you get a chance to live it. We love showing just important this special celebration is to you. We also love to show how special your venue and other wedding details are. These things are a vital part of day and your wedding story are not complete without them. That’s why we make sure that we’ll be there with you right from the start.

So, what does your typical wedding day look like? You’ll wake up in the morning and get ready with your loved ones. As you do this, we’ll be there to capture the laughter, joy and excitement for the day. From the poses that display your outfits to the moments where you don’t even know we’re working. We’ll see it all and capture them while remaining discreet. From there we’ll also capture any pre-wedding morning activities. Like the reading of your wedding day letter or when you get to open your wedding day gift from your spouse. Then’ we’ll capture your first look. If you’re having a first look at your wedding. If you’re having a first look at your wedding, it’s another special moment we’ll enjoy documenting. That moment when you see each other, the emotions are always a treasure chest and you can trust that we’ll collect and preserve them.

You see the goal of your wedding photography is for us to help you tell a beautiful and emotional story. This story should be something you’ll love to share many years later. Something you’ll be proud off when you’re old and grey. We’ll do this by making sure that while we’re unnoticeable we’ll not miss a thing.Wherever you’re having your ceremony, we’ll be glad to be there. As you get a chance to say your vows under the beautiful sky, in a beautifully decorated indoor space we’ll be there to capture it in photos. So, feel free to live in the moment. Let your emotions show as you live in your wonderful romance. Nothing else but you is what matters to us at that moment. We want you to feel everything, don’t force yourself to treat something this special as a routine. You might have had a rehearsal for it prior, but this very moment where you experience the real thing is different so enjoy it.

Our attention will be focused on you the whole time.So, while doing your planning prior make sure to get it right. You need a venue that not only fits with your theme but complements your personality. That is the only way you’ll find yourself comfortable enough to let go. To showcase every smile and gaze that tells your story perfectly. If you need recommendations on such a place, we’ll be more than happy to help.

There’s a reason you’ll find us when you search wedding photographer Dublin or wedding photographer Ireland. It’s because we know who we know the special places that sing to the heart and we’ve captured some amazing photos at them before. We’d be more than happy to give a referral. Ireland is a gold mine when it comes to special wedding locations. Soon you’ll find just the perfect wedding venue for your celebration. So, what do you say? All you have to do is reach out to us and we could get started on planning a celebration to remember. Here are some of the couples we’ve had the pleasure of documenting.

Your Wedding Stories