Castle Leslie Estate Wedding

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Castle Leslie Estate Wedding

Castle weddings are always beautiful. The lovely classic scenery and picturesque backgrounds often play a beautiful part in the entire celebration. Most brides dream of being a princess and having a royal wedding as children. What better way to fulfil that dream than to have a castle wedding? Capturing this Castle Leslie Estate wedding was a dream come true for me too. 

Getting Dressed

One thing we enjoy as wedding photographers is having the rare privilege of seeing the bride and groom before the ceremony. We also get to capture the special moments as they get ready and preserve them. I start this journey for this Castle Leslie wedding by capturing Vanessa the bride. She got ready in one of the castle’s cottages and looked beautiful. One thing that really stood out at this wedding was the bride’s gorgeous dress.

It was a minimalist gown but was still elegant. The drapes of rhinestone that graced her arms and highlighted her bodice made it even more perfect. She looked amazing. Her entourage was not left out as their dresses complimented the ambiance of the castle. Every part of Vanessa’s dressing from her hair to her jewellery, wedding gown, and makeup looked amazing. After they all got ready, they toasted to the beautiful day ahead. I was able to capture beautiful pictures of them both inside and outside.

Next, I captured the groom John as he got ready. For the day, he wore a classy suit that complimented the bride’s dress. He and his groomsmen were all smiles as they posed like gentlemen for their pictures. I had a lot of fun shooting them, and then we all had a quick stop at the castle bar before we headed for the church.

Vanessa And John – The Union

The day of this wedding started with a drizzle which soon cleared away for the sun in all its glory. Their ceremony took place at St. Salvator’s church, which is an impressive edifice. It has timeless architecture, and the ambiance matched with this wedding perfectly. One look and I already knew the pictures from this wedding would be perfect. 

The general reaction when Vanessa walked into the church was one of awe. She looked so beautiful as her father walked her down the aisle. When John saw her, he could not stop smiling. It was very obvious that this couple loves each other. Soon they said their beautiful vows and the ceremony part of this Castle Leslie wedding was over. The couple rode to their reception in a vintage Rolls Royce limo.

The Switch Up

When people look at the vintage setting of Castle Leslie, they expect a ballroom reception or something equally traditional. This isn’t the case as they have a proper dancefloor with crazy lights waiting for the Castle Leslie wedding couple to turn up!

Before we got to this point, I captured some brilliant pictures of the couple outside. I captured them by the lake and also took splendid pictures of their wedding party. This couple and their wedding party were fun and there was laughter all round. I featured a lot of the beautiful scenery in my shots and it had a gorgeous dreamy look overall.

Vanessa and John’s reception was fun, with lots of drinks to go around. Their cake was three-tier and was the highlight of the room. It looked amazing. This Castle Leslie wedding reception lasted well into the evening with lots of dancing, eating, and all had a good time.

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