Engagement Photo Session

Dingle Wedding Photographer

Love is Bliss, most times Bliss is just two people in love.


Engagement Photo Session – Bonded together by the cords of love are two individuals Kinley and Adam. At peace with one another. They have walked through life as different individuals, through ups and downs, and have made the decision that would shape their very lives forever. The decision to be together in holy matrimony. Taking a huge step to want to be with someone forever is not just a decision anyone can make, it comes with commitment, faith, trust and love in one another. 

The 5-star location.

Outdoor weddings are beautiful, especially when you choose a location that feels like it was copied from a fairy tale romance book from the ’60s. Lovely classic sceneries and picturesque background that makes you feel like the origin of life itself was born in that very location plays a good role in a wedding.

It’s thoughtful to pick a wedding location that gets you up in your feeling. venues like these are not just good for taking fantastic photo’s but are a moment of reflection when holding hands with your partner as you looking into the distance as each moment is captured. It creates an avenue to reflect on the past, and look into the future. 

The poses

Poses are always a mode of expression. whether you are gazing into the far distance feeling the wind brush against your cheeks or you are looking into your partners face smiling about the vows you fulfilled to one another, a good pose always carries the personality of the couple. You can tell a lot by looking at the body language.

 The best part of taking lovely poses is that they are fun to capture. At this point, there is nothing to worry about just the two of you walking, turning and looking into the camera trying new angles. The couple completely enjoyed the experience as Kinley Dressed in a light orange gown matching her hair.

Do you love summer photos?

The Summer is the that time of the year that most couples have their wedding day. The hot weather is a more preferable choice especially when you’re thinking about having an outdoor wedding or photography session. You are certain that it’s not likely to rain on that day as the cold weather can sometimes ruin wedding plans.

Generally, summer days tend to be much longer than in other seasons. This change in days makes summer the period of freedom, you get to spend lots of time outdoor, enjoy nature and a lot of people prefer doing this.

If you’re the outdoors type, then you would appreciate having your engagement, bridal and wedding photos taken during this season, as you will have more daylight to work with. The freedom that you are feeling are also sure to reflect in your pictures, giving your pictures a more sensual effect. Just like these ones.

How do I feel about the session?

It was a beautiful session. The warm, gentle sun shining down the location worked well for all the shots taken. These two were Amazinggg. They were so free and relaxed with one another. They were willing to trust my vision even though I asked them to do some pretty silly things and they just had FUN with it! I just loved being able to capture these special moments for them. Working with couples who are truly in love with one another will always reflect in their photography and a dream come true for any photographer in this industry.

 What a wedding means to me.

A wedding is not just the culmination of a people’s commitment. The couple’s unyielding devotion to one another is a magical feeling I could never get used to. If you need someone who can capture your special occasion and come up with beautiful wedding photo concepts, I can be your wedding photographer.

You’ll love my creative and unobtrusive style to capturing the special moments at your event. Weddings are not the only jobs i take, but I am also open to destination weddings abroad and other adventurous locations. It would be nice to hire an expert who knows how to perfectly capture your stories visually. So why don’t you contact me today? I’ll be glad to hear from you and work with you.


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