Trudder Lodge Wedding

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Trudder Lodge Wedding

Your venue is very important if you want to have an unforgettable wedding. You could have the best dress, amazing bridesmaids, and awesome wedding photography, but you’ll still need an awesome wedding venue to tie things up. The perfect wedding venue is the start to an awesome wedding day. It’ll control the theme of your wedding and dictate whether it is majestic, royal, rustic, or glam.

A Trudder Lodge wedding will be a dream come true. At Trudder Lodge and Wedding Photography in Wicklow, all that you need to make your wedding vision a reality is present. This is not just any ordinary wedding guide. They’ll help you set the basics of your dream wedding and be your support as you navigate the venue to find the perfect setting for your celebration.

Trudder Lodge Wedding Venue

Finding the perfect wedding venue is one of the hardest decisions a couple often has to make. All that you do at your wedding will be hinged on your venue. It should also offer you all that you need for the success of your wedding. Trudder Lodge and Wedding Photography in Wicklow is that place. Once you see this venue, you’ll understand how special it is. Most couples fall in love with its Old Victorian vibe and modern architecture. You’ll also love its calming atmosphere. The grounds are another favourite with many couples. If you need something unique, exotic, and fabulous, this is the place for you.

Waking Up Rested

You’ll need a good rest before your wedding day. Trudder Lodge will offer you ultimate relaxation with its large wooden cabin-like rooms. It is natural like and is perfect for those early morning selfies you want to take. You’ll also get champagne to celebrate before you start your preparation.

Getting Ready in the Trudder Lodge

Hanging your gorgeous wedding dress up at Trudder Lodge will be no problem. There are large wooden beams around the bed that make the perfect spot. You can share a toast with your ladies just before your makeup, and hairstylist arrive. Don’t forget to have your jewellery, shoes, bouquet, and accessories laid out to make getting ready easier for you. Your photographer will also be grateful for a chance to capture these details and every moment of you getting ready. Each shot of your dress, laughter, the groom, the décor, flowers, and lighting have their part to play in your wedding story.

Trudder Lodge Wedding

Trudder Lodge and Wedding Photography in Wicklow will get the registry ready while you prepare for your wedding, they’ll handle the arrangement of the seats and your groom can take some shots at this point. By the time you are dressed, an amazing photographer will capture you in your gorgeous dress. Then it’s through the shaded path and stairs to meet the love of your life and get married.

In this wedding featured, the bride is walked down the aisle by her mother, which makes it very beautiful. The groom shed a few tears of joy as she sees how beautiful she is coming down the aisle. They then exchanged beautiful vows with the relaxing Trudder Lodge ambiance, adding beauty to everything. It was an exquisite ceremony. Some of the moments that really stood out from this wedding were the mother handing the bride to the groom, the couple laughing and sharing pecks, the vow exchange, and the teary guests. Soon the minister pronounced them married and they can have their first married kiss. It was all beautiful.

The Reception Dinner

Trudder Lodge and Wedding Photography in Wicklow offers couples and their guest a five-star experience in a spectacular reception space. Guests were taken aback and took many pictures of the sophisticated venue. You’ll especially love the gorgeous lights hanging above and the delicious food at this wedding. The wine was also amazing. Lovely music by the DJ and a booming clap welcomed the couple to their reception, and everyone had a good time. The wedding feast, cake, and the dance floor all played their part in the success of this Trudder Lodge wedding.

Dancing Time/Picture Time at the Trudder Lodge Wedding

Sunset transforms Trudder Lodge and Photography in Wicklow into a dream scene. Any photographer looking at it will be filled with delight and immediately start to snap away. It was at this point that spectacular pictures of this wedding were captured. The night ended with lots of dancing, happy bridesmaids, excited groomsmen, and laughter. There was also a lot of hugging, lifting, and smiles. Trudder Lodge and Wedding Photography in Wicklow is a paradise if you’re looking for a unique location for your wedding. You’ll enjoy your wedding here.

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